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    Frequently Asked Questions.

    Delivery between the hours of 8-5pm.

    Central West and Greater Sydney.

    Chicken 10 days from packing Lamb 14 days from packing.

    • Online or at the Orange Farmers Markets – see Events page for dates.

    No. However you can purchase a subscription or tickets to our open day event and we can deliver the products to the person (within our delivery area), as a surprise, similar to a gift certificate. 

    No you do not need a PayPal account. You can use either your credit card or debit card to pay for purchases. Our payment gateway is secure. We do not store your private card information.

    Before you go on holidays, simply log into your profile and select Suspend your subscription. This will notify us and we will not make any deliveries until you Reactivate your account upon your return. 

    No, there is not any soy products in the feed we give to the chickens. Key feed components include; wheat, barley and canola meal.

    If stock appears as out of stock this is normally only for a period of 7-14 days.  We only process fortnightly, when that batch sells out, it becomes out of stock temporarily. However, if you have a subscription, we can manage the volume of product we need to have available for the delivery cycle, so you don’t miss out.  

    We can do both! If you get a group together, we are happy to deliver to a central point in your local town to pick up. 

    Or, if you prefer we are happy to deliver to your door anywhere in the delivery area. See our Terms and Conditions/Privacy Policy for more information on the delivery area. 

    We would love to have all clean boxes and woollen inserts returned for re-use, it is good for the environment and helps us to keep costs down. Please leave the boxes and inserts out on the morning of your next delivery and our drivers will pick them up. If it looks like rain, please leave them undercover or wait until the following scheduled delivery. Currently, we can only accept box and insert returns from Central West customers. 


    3536 Henry Parkes Way, Carbeen, Manildra, 2865, New South Wales

    Customer care

    Please call us on 0438 550 189