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A Rooster is the perfect addition to a limited number of flocks. Before considering getting a rooster check with council restrictions and consider your neighbours (and possibly your own sleep disturbance). Roosters can be very noisy, but they also play an important role in a flock.


  • Roosters encourage foraging
  • Roosters protect their flock (please note roosters cannot protect your flock from fox predation or other nightime predators)
  • Roosters are good at protecting flocks from aerial predators where the flock has a large open range
  • Roosters provide a fertile flock if you wish to breed your own chickens (be advised that you will have at least 50% roosters in your fertilised eggs!).
  • Roosters are not suitable around small children as they can get quite aggressive
  • Roosters eat as much if not more than a hen for no eggs!

Roosters are not sold individually only as a bundle with your hens. Do not introduce new young roosters into an established flock (with pre-existing Rooster).

Please contact us to discuss your flock requirements.


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