Custom Chicken

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Truly free range chicken. We like to think that our chickens have a happy life and just have one really bad day. The benefits of this life on pasture is the tastiest and healthiest chicken for you to eat.

For the most discerning chicken consumer. If you really need to have chicken in certain cuts you can request your custom order.

Please note this is a one-off purchase and will not automatically renew.

Product Quantity

Whole chicken approx 1.8kg

$32.00 each

Pack of 2 chicken breasts 400g

$12.00 each

Pack of 4 chicken thighs 380g

$12.00 each

Pack of 4 chicken drumsticks 500g

$7.50 each

Pack of chicken wings 1kg

$10.00 each

Pack of chicken necks 1kg

$3.00 each

Pack of 2 chicken frames

$6.00 each

Pack of 8 chicken feet

$7.00 each

Pack of chicken liver 500g

$8.00 each
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