Custom Lamb

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Slow maturing lamb grown only on pasture to generate the healthiest and most succulent lamb you can get. We offer a number of different meat packs for the full nose to tail dining in convenient portions.

For the most discerning lamb consumer. For those who must have specific cuts. You can custom order to meet your exact requirements.

Please note this is a one-off purchase and will not automatically renew.

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Product Quantity

Lamb leg approx 2.5kg

$40.00 each

In stock

Lamb shoulder approx 1.5kg

$44.00 each

In stock

Lamb mince 1kg

$16.00 each

Out of stock

Pack of 4 loin chops

$17.40 each

In stock

Pack of 4 lamb cutlets

$24.00 each

In stock

Diced lamb 600g

$6.00 each

In stock (can be backordered)

Pack of 2 lamb shanks

$9.60 each

Available on backorder

Lamb spare ribs 500g

$6.00 each

In stock (can be backordered)



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