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At “Carbeen” our laying hens are the true multitasking animal. Our hens are housed in moveable trailers that hold their water, roost and nesting boxes. The chooks are moved every day, following in rotation behind our cattle and sheep. They act as our pasture sanitisers, cleaning up the insects and parasites from our sheep and cattle. They also leave their calling card as fertiliser, on which our pastures absolutely thrive. These eggs are truly divine; they have extraordinary high levels of vitamins and minerals from consistent access to fresh grass and bugs in the pasture.

Our hens are fed grain to complement their grass and bug diet. They do not receive any antibiotics or pesticides.

At Carbeen Pastured Produce, our chickens are the true free rangers! Once you see our happy, healthy pastured chickens and hens you will agree that the chicken industry’s free-range policies cannot compare.

Nutrient-dense pasture-raised eggs from our truly free-range hens foraging at 3 hens per hectare.

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